Basescu in Cartea Recordurilor

Traian Basescu a intrat in Cartea Recordurilor.

“Fastest Presidential answer to a citizen request”

Miami, FL, US / (Press Release) The record for the World’s “Fastest Presidential answer to a citizen request” has just been accepted by the World Records Academy.
The new record holder is President Traian Basescu (Romania), who promptly answered to an emergency citizen request on April 18 and has issued in less than two hours a Presidential Decree conferring of the National Order „The Star of Romania” to Mr. Professor Liviu Librescu.

“The main point of this story which convinced us to recognize this somehow unusual (but very human-appealling) world record was that a President which knew he has only few hours left before being suspended by the Parliament, a President which has to approve and sign tons of documents during his last few hours as President, left everything behind -as requested by an ordinary citizen (a 23 years old girl, a marketing student!)- and did what a President always has to do in the first instance: served his Country, above anything else, even above his own personal political problems“, said Tom Howard, Head of Records for World Records Academy.


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