Top 5 strategies to make a killing at online casinos!


The advent of online casinos has revolutionized the world of gambling in many different ways. Top companies are setting up left, right and centre with new and exciting online concepts. Today you’ve easy access to various fun and entertaining online casino games, to test your luck and score big wins! Here at we know that if you play well, you can even boost your bank balance significantly while having an amazing time from within the comfort of your living room! In fact, visit any reputed online casino, for instance, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. However, beating the banker on a consistent basis requires a good amount of experience, apart from good insight as well as some love from the Lady Luck! Let’s take you through the top 5 strategies that can help you make a killing at online casinos!

Carefully select your games

Rather than playing sporadically at online casinos, you should focus your energies on just one or two games that are your favourites. Master them well and gain solid understanding of their rules. Eventually, you should figure out a system to increase your winning chances at these games. Please note, this approach works very well on almost all the games, right from the conventional ones to the new-age virtual types.

Use a strategy

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Un selfie in valoare de 200.000$

Wait for it….. 0:11 is when the action happens. This took place at my mate Simon Birch’s art installation The 14th Factory in Los Angeles, when a lady tried to crouch down and pose in front of a pillar holding a sculpture to take a picture. She accidentally leant on it and the rest is history… $200,000 worth of art destroyed!
The room contains 60 crown-formed sculptures and is titled ‘Hypercaine’. The rest of The 14th Factory is one of its kind….

Cred ca ar trebui interzise selfie-urile in astfel de locuri, pe aceeasi idee cu inghetata, rolele, etc. 🙂
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