Links – 10.10.2010

  • Poze: Inside a Romanian Drug House – link [photo of the day]
  • Video: Catception – The Original Dramatic Inception Cat – link [fun]
  • Video: The Hungarian Drift feeling – link [hot/interesant]
  • Video: Cool Freestyle Tricks On Lame Bike – link [amazing]
  • Video: Nu mai plimbati cainii pe scarile rulanete- devin debusolati – link [fun]

3 replies on “Links – 10.10.2010”

“His family had no money for food. He was hungry and kept crying, so they fed him heroin,” Militaru says. “If you’re high, you don’t need food.”…nu inteleg ceva..drogurile erau mai ieftine decat mancarea?

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