Animatie: One Rat Short

Amazing film! is very cute.
The graphics and animation was intense!

“One Rat Short” is a work of love created by Charlex Films. It began as part of the effort to grow the company’s CG department but eventually became much more than that. Originally, it was entitled “labratz” and as the title might suggest it mimicked the look and sensibility of worked already pioneered by other studios. As it evolved it took on a life of its own- it became my film- or as any director of an effort like this knows our film. We decided not to use anthropomorphic animation. We decided it would take place in two worlds- one so gritty, grimy and dark that the viewer needs to peer into the screen in order to make out the images- the other a sterile, white world so brightly lit that you feel the need to turn your head away from the screen. It was also important to me to keep the film looking as real as possible. One of the techniques we used was to give a lot of the camera work a hand-held feel and to keep it a little behind the action so that the scenes didn’t seem staged. Lastly and most importantly I kept the story simple and tried to give it heart. One of my favorite short films, which I saw as a child was “The Red Balloon”. I think the melancholic and innocent spirit of that film inhabits “One Rat Short.”

Alex Weil, Director

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