Noaptea Oscarurilor – Speech-uri celebre

The Oscars are almost here, which means it’s time for the nominees to start getting their speeches ready in case they’re called to the stage on the big night. In the past, the winners have run the gamut from embracing presenters to crying their eyes out to performing feats of strength for all the world to see. This year’s nominees could learn a thing or two from their predecessors — just take a look at some of the most memorable acceptance speeches from years past.

Au mai ramas cateva ore pana la inceperea festivitatii de decernare a premiilor Oscar 2011 asa ca acest material se potriveste perfect acestei zile. Nu uitati sa ramaneti treji in aceasta noapte – de la ora 3:00 a.m pana la ora 7:00 a.m – pentru a urmari festivitatea de decernare a premiilor Oscar 2011 in direct pe HBO Original.



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