Cel mai norocos sofer din lume (2)

We have a new luckiest driver in Russia ever! It seems he won’t be surpassed in a long time because this looks like a bonafide miracle. I’m sure that in 9999 out of 10000 cases there are no survivors after this kind of crash.
Not only did the guy survive, but he walked off with a few broken ribs. But that’s not all! According to the news agency reports, there was another person in the back seat that got away only with slight bruises!
The accident happened near the city of Kaluga.
Warning: when I say a horrible crash, I do mean HORRIBLE. Do not watch if you’re sensitive, even if there were no casualties in this case.

Trebuie neaparat sa fiti de acord cu mine! Trebuie!

Update: Pe bancheta din spate se mai afla un pasager, a scapat si el nevatamat.

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[thx to Ovidiu I]