Femeia la volan (65) – Sunt blonda, stiu sa parchez!

Femeia la volan (65) – Sunt blonda, stiu sa parchez!

Blonde woman stars in world’s worst car parking fail that’s almost too painful to watch
This is the hilarious moment a blonde female driver in the Czech Republic tries – and repeatedly fails – to reverse her car into a parking space.
The woman, who was spotted in Prague, became increasingly frustrated as she reversed six times, banging into the car next to her before finally managing to park.
As bemused builders watch on, she parks so close to the yellow car next to her vehicle she cannot open her driving seat door.
So she has to climb over to the passenger side to get out.
The to increase her frustration, she hilariously forgets to put the handbrake on and frantically clambers back inside to stop the car rolling into the path of a passing motorist.

Ok, tipa se descurca, reuseste pana la urma sa parcheze (cu succes!). Nu-i inteleg insa reactia de la sfarsit….



  1. Hai fie, a parcat aproape, prea aproape de masina alaturata, a oprit si motorul, dar sa nu vada si sa nu isi dea seama ca usa nu i se va deschide, e prea de tot. Iar cu frana de mana si cu sutul in bara aleilalte, s-a intrecut pe sine.

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