Uitati de 4K, asa arata un timelapse filmat la rezolutia de 10K

Uitati de 4K, asa arata o filmare in 10K

10328×7760 – A 10K Timelapse Demo
“TMy latest video “10328×7760 – A 10K Timelapse Demo” is a video I put together showcasing the extreme resolution of the PhaseOne IQ180 camera of which it was shot. This footage comes from some shots I did while shooting 4K and 8K timelapses in Rio De Janeiro for a major electronics manufacturer. Each shot is comprised of hundreds individual still images, each weighing in at a whopping 80 megapixels. Each individual raw frame measures 10328×7760 pixels.

Joe Capra este cel care a creat materialul de mai jos, ca sa va faceti o idee, vorbim practic de un videoclip unde imaginile sunt de 10 ori mai fidele decât la un clip FullHD. Recomand vizionare in Full screen:

10328×7760 – A 10K Timelapse Demo from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.


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