Mami, mi-am impuscat monitorul!

Mami, mi-am impuscat monitorul!

Yes, this is me in the video. The airsoft gun had been jammed for a few months, and I thought the battery was dead. The entire reason why I was recording this is because I wanted to try to do some special effects like Freddiew or Corridor Digital, so I recorded me pretending to shoot a gun so I could add the effects in.
At the very end, my camera battery died.

This happened over a year ago, and just now I decided to upload it.
Edit: It’s my mom in the video. Not my grandma

Las’ ca iti cumpara mami altul! 🙂

Update: Btw, ce cauta un copil de 12 ani cu o arma de airsoft prin acasa? Ca sa vezi ce parinti inconstienti traiesc pe planeta asta….

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