Ritualuri de initiere

Ritualuri de initiere

Attached by vines, the jumper dive from a 100ft tall tower and is actually supposed to graze the ground with his head. In the tribal cultue, the jumper is allowed to say anything he wants to whomever he wants before he jumps and his words won’t be held against him

It’s not much unlike sticking your hand into a nest of honeybees. It’s a twist on a test of manhood in the Amazon jungle.

In fiecare dimineata, eu si cu cafeaua mea ne bucuram si ii multumim in acelasi timp lu’ Dumnezeu ca sunt nascut in Romania si ca nu fac parte dintr-un trib din Vanatu sau unul din Amazon. M-am cam speriat cand am vazut ce ritualuri de initiere au. (Ce fel de initieri? Diverse…de la pipait furnici la aruncat in cap de la 30 metri)

Iata ce chestii ciudate au loc p’acolo…