1. tipa: Are you serious?
    tip: yes!
    tipa: is this fake?
    tip: yes!
    Cred ca cel putin primele 2 replici le-am nimerit 😛

  2. Merci.
    Pai ma gandesc ca numai un inel fals m-ar face sa-i ard o scatoalca iubitului meu care ar face un gest atat de frumos. Sau sa-mi greseasca numele 😆

  3. Tipu’: Will you marry me!
    Narator: Tipa surprinsa, se tine de pupatoare.
    Tipa: Are you serious?
    Tipu: Yes!
    Tipa: Even though i’m fat and ugly?
    Tipu: Yes! i don’t wanna die alone.
    Tipa: You sun of a “beep”, go “beep” yourself.
    Narator: Tipa incheie aplicand o palma tipului si paraseste scena.

  4. ms meK.

    Concluzia finala: Nu cere o femeie de nevasta cu martori de fata, it can get ugly si ajungi pe youtube.

  5. tipul: marry me, Josephine! I love you!
    tipa: really, Gigel?
    tipul: really really, though you cheated on me with the whole football team.
    tipa: son of a **** (flap-flap)
    tipul (crying): just kidding, darling (Not knowing that he just discovered the secret of his girlfriend)…
    Applause, applause, lights out. Epic fail!

  6. E vorba de o farsa. Atat. Una regizata de un alt treilea personaj. Am vazut filmuletul complet pe net. Nu am retinut insa adresa…:(

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