Brasovul vazut de sus (6) – This is Brasov

Brasovul vazut de sus (6) - This is Brasov

This is Brasov
Probably the most important personal project to date…a short film about…my home city – Brasov. It’s the least I can give back to a place I call home for the last 30 (something) years (and counting)… The aim is to promote Brasov through beautiful visuals, can also be seen on

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The soundtrack is by Dexter Britain – Retreat (Impressions).
Filmed over a period of three weeks using DJI Phantom 3 Professional (4K)

Mai jos aveti al saselea material despre Brasov, a prins bine in online, va invit sa il admirati (nu uitati de Full Screen si HD):


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  1. Ce isteti si destepti,dar si plin de ironie sinteti unii.Clipul este formidabil,astäzi in pauza mea de masä a fost vizionat la stirile TV romänesti.Si m-am intors la servici plinä de emotie…si cu mai mult dor de acasä.Simbätä si duminicä am am fost prezentä la festivalul romänesc de la Nürnberg…oras partener cu BRASOVUL.A fost o parte din copilärie si adolescentä renäscutä.Acum cu acest video-clip mä simt si mai muindrä cä sint brasoveancä get pe get.

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