Meet Charlie…

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Charley is a cute and obviously well-loved cat who has cerebellar hypoplasia.
Watch the video and then come back and read the next paragraph.
Before you accuse me of posting a video of a cute kitty just because its cute, consider how many cute kitty videos are on YouTube. This one stands out because of the quality of the production. The camera work, scene selection, music, and text narration are all spot-on. Effective storytelling in two minutes. I watched it several times, and also watched the “related videos” on the same subject at YouTube. The contrast in the quality of videography is astounding. Of course, Charley is still a likable star.

And if you laughed when he fell into his bed, rest assured that you are far from the first to do so.

Miu? 🙂
I’d never even heard of this condition and I’m glad I know now. Charley’s so sweet, and I’m sure other cats like him are too!

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This post was written by bullets on August 2, 2007

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