22 Biggest Loser Before And After Show

The Biggest Loser is a television show broadcast in many countries. It centers on overweight contestants attempting to lose weight to fight for a cash prize. There are different variations of the Biggest Loser around the world. Each country has made its own adaptation to the show; however, the contestants always have the same goal: to lose the highest percentage of weight (or most weight) to become the Biggest Loser.

In the United States passed the reality show The Biggest Loser. Translate the name can and as “the biggest loser,” and as “a man who lost most weight.” Purpose – to lose as much weight. Let’s look at the participants. Some of them could lose almost half)

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World’s Fattest Man Goes On Outing

A 310kg man once considered the world’s fattest person left his home for the first time in five months at the weekend with the aid of a forklift and a platform truck.

Manuel Uribe travelled to the shore of a lake in northern Mexico without ever leaving his specially designed bed. A forklift hoisted the bed onto the truck, which then hauled him to the lake, where he snacked on fish and vegetables and joked with a local boat operator.

Looking at the boatman’s small craft, Uribe joked, “Too bad I can’t get on it — it would sink.”

Once considered the world’s fattest man when his weight hit over half a tonne, more than two years of steady dieting had helped Uribe drop to about 310kg in June — 250kg less than his former Guinness record weight of 560kg.

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