Characters Masturbate in BioShock!

Quite a few BioShock gamers should already be acquainted with the game’s various glitches. For such a promising title, BioShock not only has a lot of bugs, but some very obscene ones as well. For example, the game’s “masturbation glitch“. It’s all over the Internet and if you care to take a look (just in case you haven’t noticed it during gameplay), it’s right at the bottom of this article.

Some of you may still be wondering when is Irrational going to fix the game’s widescreen issue. Well, if you haven’t read the news lately, it seems that Irrational is keen on allowing everyone to enjoy the same gameplay experience by rolling out a patch. Some truly sincere words about how a developer should treat its gamers can be found within Ken Levine’s forum entry I’ve posted for you below (just an excerpt):

“…we have a responsibility to respond to those people and give them what they want. It’s their game, they paid money for it, they should be able to play in the way they want to play. We may disagree with them aesthetically, but sure, we’ll make a patch and make if work for them.”

Last time we checked though, Irrational was on vacation so the bug fixer isn’t due out very soon. However, you mustn’t blame the company for not fixing all of the game’s glitches right away. As Irrational themselves confirmed in an interview, during BioShock‘s last 6 months of development they worked non stop (even on Sundays), only so they could deliver the game as soon as possible, so they deserve a little time off.

Oh and, if you’re a BioShock gamer, look out for more bugs – I hear the game is filled with them.

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This post was written by bullets on August 30, 2007

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