Top 17 Bizarre Foods

Here are some Bizarre Foods I have found from around the world:

  • Cuitlacoche:  Cuitlacoche Huitlacoche is the fungal, culinary delicacy Ustilago maydisthat grows on ears of corn.  Another word its Nasty corn fungas that people call the Mexican Truffle.  It is used in tamales and as a seasoner used like garlic.  It has a rich, earthy flavor.  Put that one in your mouth!
  • Balut:  15daybalutegg.png  This is a duck or chicken fertalized egg.  While its growing inside these are eaten like its a hard boiled egg.  I remember Anthony Zimmern said the worst part is the liquid inside the egg.  Little bones and feathers mmmm.

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This post was written by bullets on June 2, 2008

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