WOW! Enraged User Shoots Computer 5 Times after Installing Windows Vista

What should have been just a routine installation of Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows Vista, ended up with a bang… literally. Microsoft applauded Windows Vista as an evolution in all aspects of the operating system compared to Windows XP. One of “anodyne” details designed to deliver an improved user experience is the installation process. However, a deployment model applauded for simplicity and ease of
use proved to be the death of a Windows Vista copy and the machine it was running on.

“What’s a “wow moment”? It’s that instant when you recognize that your life has changed—the moment you transform an idea that you once only dreamed of pursuing into something you have actually achieved,” revealed Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, before the operating system hit the shelves in January 2007, explaining “the Wow starts now” marketing campaign slogan.

Well, ex-police officer Ray Jackson from Columbia South Carolina, saw his life change for the worse after he struggled to get the computer to work following the installation of Windows Vista, reported FunTechTalk. Frustrated by the lack of responsiveness from the computer running Windows Vista, Jackson imagined pulling his gun out and settling all his problems with a few squeezes of the trigger.

Well, the idea that he only dreamed of pursuing, managed to become reality. Jackson finished up installing Windows Vista on girlfriend Wanda White’s machine with little issues. However, he then hit compatibility problems and was unable to get the applications to work. “He just kept screaming at it and smacking the side of the computer,” Wanda recalled.

But the smacking and the screaming did little to convince the programs to work seamlessly with Windows Vista. And with his girlfriend out of the house and visiting some neighbors, Jackson reached the end of his patience and for his gun. He then shoot the computer a number of five times, missing only once. Fortunately, the only victims were the machine and the copy of Windows Vista. The ex-law enforcement officer was subsequently apprehended and is in police custody.


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This post was written by bullets on June 2, 2008

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