Premiile Grammy 2008 in 60 secunde

Premiile Grammy 2008 in 60 secunde

The Grammy Awards 2008 were over four hours long, and as much as you may like music, that’s a long time to spend listening! Fortunately, we’ve cut the whole show down to one minute, making sure to leave all the best bits in, and the overly long thankyous out.

Hai ca-i tare …


P.S. Ma dispera Amy Winerhouse, pe voi nu?




  1. Actually… Amy canta chiar misto. Ca e in vizoru presei and all… c’mon, cre’ ca jumate din artistii anilor ’70 au fost in starea asta.

  2. amy rocks! 😀 are voce buna, imi place de dea. ar trebui doar sa renunte la tigari/alcool.droguri si sa mai manance un pic 😀

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