Links – 18.02.2009

  • Video: Micutul Zidane – link [amazing] thx to atryx
  • Video: Beer Bottle Domino – link [amazing/fun] thx to oZn
  • Video/Blog Post: Great Moments in Al Bundy and Hot Chicks link [fun/hot/movie]
  • Video: The Ultimate Rube Goldberg Machine – link [amazing/interesant] thx to Iuli
  • Video: Voi ce-ati facut de Valentine’s Day? – link [fun/18+]



  1. Omule, cu “The Ultimate Rube Goldberg Machine” m-ai dat pe spate…. Foarte frumos! :-O

  2. la ala cu wc-ul daca aia nu se mai putea tine si isi dadea drumu imediat?:)))))

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