Asteptand autobuzul

Busting a move at the bus stop

To answer some commonly asked questions:
1) he is listening to an ipod;
2) I don’t know what he’s actually listening to, but Scissor Sisters makes everything amazing;
3) he’s a very nice person;
4) the intro is long because this was my first (and so far only) attempt at using video editing software and I had no clue how to start the song in the right place, so I filled the time;
5) I’m really surprised at how popular this video is, but I’m glad so many people say it makes them smile because he brightens my day when I see him, too 🙂

Tuturor ni s-a intamplat sa intram periodic intr-o rutina zilnica iar ziua sa ne inceapa – exact ca cea de ieri – asteptand acelasi autobuz sa vina la aceeasi ora, in fiecare dimineata.Tocmai astfel de circumstante duc la situatii in care ajungem sa-i cunoastem pe cei care la randul lor asteapta zilnic acelasi autobuz, in aceeasi statie, la aceeasi ora. Si astfel ajungem cumva sa le cunoastem micile obiceiuri. Daca unii citesc ziarul sau se scobesc in nas, altii danseaza.

Trebuie sa intelegeti ca baiatul din imaginile de mai jos nu danseaza pentru bani, nu cerseste ci doar asteapta autobuzul sa ajunga in statie. Cel putin asta declara tipul care l-a filmat.



  1. daca nu cerseste sau chiar daca nu face nimic benefic pt el inseamna ca e retardat [.]

  2. omu, face dansuri… a invatat o coregrafie si se pare ca nu face altceva decat sa-si repete ce a invatat.

  3. pare a dansa pe : if you liek it then you shoulda put a ring on it-beyoncé

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