Sfaturi pentru tinerele mamici

If you’re a new parent then you know without a doubt that your baby is the cutest, most perfect and adorable human being. That’s except when he or she is tired and cranky. Then that little bundle of joy can drive you nuts. These moms have all got their own tricks to get their babies to sleep. Try them out and let us know if any work for you, or let us know your tips at www.facebook.com/philipsavent.

Sincer, materialul de mai jos mi-a deschis un pic ochii referitor la domeniul asta, nu stiam ca pentru fiecare bebelus in parte ar exista o metoda proprie prin care mama lui il linisteste si-l trimite la culcare. 🙂



  1. E bine de stiut 🙂
    In seara asta incerc si eu cateva din trucurile prezentate aici. Sunt curios daca functioneaza.

  2. Dap…perfect adevarat! Al meu pitic adoarme cu feohn-ul.Zgomotul care il emite este denumit “zgomot alb” sau liniar.