Chicane – Going Deep (Official Music Video)

Chicane - Going Deep (Official Music Video)

Never lacking the possibility to get you moving to a mix of styles and open minds to fusion, has ever been the key to Chicane’s success. UK producer Nick Bracegirdle has been at the very top of EDM for more than 15 years, touching hearts with tracks like ‘Saltwater’, ‘Offshore’, ‘Don’t Give Up’ and ‘Poppiholla’. In 2012, the living legend bridges prog-trance and hip-hop, by inviting UK rapper Aggi Dukes for the new single ‘Going Deep’.

A real melting pot of styles, with an unforgettable music video on the side!

Astazi ascultam un videoclip lansat prin 2012 de catre cei de la Chicane,o piesa pe care o tineam de ceva vreme in “Drafts”, nu stiu cum de am uiat de ea. Weekend fain tuturor! 😉

Bonus – varianta mai necenzurata insa cenzurata a videoclipului. 😀


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