Se numeste “Noroc cu carul” (3)

Se numeste “Noroc cu carul” (3)

Czech Man Nearly Killed by Train

A man almost got run over by a train while crossing the railway in the small town of Czech Republic. CCTV footage released by the Czech police shows the 77-year-old hurrying across the tracks, only to be clipped by an oncoming fast train. The man escaped serious injury, but will be receiving a fine for his reckless behavior. The worst thing is that none of the drivers stopped to help him

Unii oameni sunt chiar dementi, sa-ti risti viata pentru a ajunge undeva cu un minut mai devreme e o prostie mare. Unde se grabea mosulica asta? La 77 ani te mai grabesti undeva?

thx to branco



  1. Atentie la faptul ca nimeni nu s-a dat jos din masina sa vada daca e ok, desi vazusera clar ce s-a intamplat, abia dupa 1-2 minute a aparut persoana cu scuterul…

  2. Pai tocmai pentru ca erau aproape si au vazut ce s-a intamplat nu s-au dat jos 😐

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