The Sexiest Female Quake player ever – Stevie ‘Killcreek’ Casey

Stevie Case (Stevana Case, born September 7, 1976) is a recognized figure in the video game industry. She is noted for being one of the first well-known female gamers and is controversial for her methods of self-promotion. Case has filled several roles in the industry, from the first female professional gamer at the Cyberathlete Professional League to level designer to Vice President of Development.
Case gained repute for defeating John Romero (co-founder of id Software)in a Quake deathmatch. After that, she was employed at Ion Storm, first as a game tester and then as a level designer. Case’s relationship with John Romero turned into more than just playing games in early 1999 when they began co-habitating. That relationship ended in early 2003. Until then, Case was the Vice President of Monkeystone Games, a game development company she co-founded with Romero.

Here she is with Romero:

Shortly after cosmetic surgery, Case became known for her looks and penchant for games. Stevie was approached by Playboy to appear in a pictorial based on an interview she did in the Los Angeles Times. She did the photo shoot in the Spring of 2000. Images of the photo shoot were released on-line but never made it to the pages of Playboy magazine. Here are some photos:

The next shooting series includes the images released on the March 2000 cover mount CD along with the issue featuring Stevie as the cover model for the PC Accelerator magazine. All photographs were taken in Dallas, TX by photographer Ric Moore. (some of them were taken by John Romeroin December of 1999)

The next photo shoot took place on August 25, 2000 at the Ion Storm offices in Dallas, TX. Rolling Stone featured her in October 2000 on the cover of the Net Book technology section, calling her the “The Perfect E-Babe.”

But enough with this kind of pictures. Here she is in action against the champion Fatal1ty, in a one-on-one virtual deathmatch.

Does anyone understand me when i’m saying that she was/is the sexiest female gamer i ever seen? The next picture will prove this to you!

Check out: she is surrounded by trols!??!?!? Run baby….run!

Case picked her nickname “Killcreek” from a regional rock band which she admires from Lawrence, Kansas where she attended college, and near her hometown of Olathe, Kansas. The band in turn took the name from an actual creek: Kill Creek. She did not intend for the nickname to stick, but it has.
As of November 2005, Case is employed at Tira Wireless in sales/business development. To bad for the gaming industry.

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