NFL Best Fans Ever Super Bowl Commercial – Side by Side

America’s most beloved TV moments have been totally revamped by the NFL in this incredible Super Bowl ad. Watch the original classic TV scenes on the left and the NFL commercial on the right to see if you can spot the 180 seamless changes made to the scenes you think you know so well.

Cred ca-i cea mai tare reclama vazuta in ultima vreme.

Update: in caz ca nu ati fost foarte atenti, in partea dreapta, toate scenetele au fost customizate in stil NFL. CGI bros’! 🙂



  1. N-au prea fost deloc extraordinare reclamele de anul asta (si-am stat sa le vad pe toate). Mai degraba cele facute publice in avans (e.g. Darth Vader). Pug Attack a mai luat si $1mil premiu…
    Singura pe care o sa mi-o amintesc o sa fie parodia cu Dr. House.

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