My Anniversary Gift to Lisa

I placed this folder on my wife’s desktop to celebrate our third anniversary.

Foarte interesanta idee, cel mai mult mi-a placut acest comentariu al autorului:

I can’t believe how many lazy guys have asked me for the actual folder structure so they can just straight up use it for their wives/girlfriends. Those are some lucky women…

[thx to mArS]



  1. pe windows nu merge din cauza limtiarii de 255 de caractere insiruite 😉

  2. @tuborg – unde vezi tu mai mult de 255? omul daca a folosit 30 de caractere la un folder… stii cum arata un folder in MAC?

  3. Pe windows 7 nu merge. Nu e vb de 255 de caractere la un sg folder ci la toata structura arborescenta a folderului.

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