Human Planet – Web exclusive series trailer – BBC One
Human Planet is an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping landmark series that marvels at mankind’s incredible relationship with nature in the world today.
Uniquely in the animal kingdom, humans have managed to adapt and thrive in every environment on Earth. Each episode takes you to the extremes of our planet: the arctic, mountains, oceans, jungles, grasslands, deserts, rivers and even the urban jungle. Here you will meet people who survive by building complex, exciting and often mutually beneficial relationships with their animal neighbours and the hostile elements of the natural world.
Human Planet crews have filmed in around 80 locations, bringing you many stories that have never been told on television before. The team has trekked with HD cameras and state of the art gear to film from the air, from the ground and underwater. The result: a “cinematic experience” created by world-class natural history and documentary camera crews and programme makers.

Cel mai spectaculos trailer vazut anul asta, un material asemanator am postat si in urma cu cateva zile. Folositi cu incredere butonul HD + optiunea full screen.

De abia astept sa urmaresc “Human Planet” pe noul meu televizor (care inca sta cuminte pe rafturile unui magazin, topicul de aici este inca deschis, chiar va invit sa mai imi dati sfaturi).



  1. Planet Earth este dupa parerea mea, cea mai buna serie de documentare realizata pana acum. Din trailer, Human Planet pare cel putin la fel de reusit. BBC One rulez. Chiar, astia oare ce motivatie au sa faca chestii atat de misto avand in vedere ca sunt tot televiziune de stat?

  2. Or fi ei televiziune de stat… dar sunt cam cei mai tari din lume. Intotdeauna au fost inovatori si au venit cu chestii noi si deosebite. Motivatia? Sunt englezi, sunt seriosi si le place ceea ce fac. Plus ca aceste documentare ajung ulterior sa fie difuzate pe diverse canale de televiziune, se vor vinde in format DVD + BR. Deci vor aduce bani.

    Munca bagata in aceste episoade este absolut enorma. Pentru unele scene de cateva secunde cei care au filmat au stat la panda zile intregi in conditii extreme.

    Sunt absolut convins ca Human Planet va fi cel putin la fel de misto facut.

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