Si indienii au plaje frumoase

Si indieni au plaje

Pooping on the beach in India
The inhabitants of the Mumbaian slums prefer to do ‘ their thing’ outside. A sewer as we know it doesn’t exist there, so most people drop their dropping on the nearby beach. ‘There are only 4 toilet blocks for 25.000 people’, explains one of the residents. ‘When it’s finally your turn, the day is almost over!’. And what is the outcome of this problem? Excatly, a beach full of crap.

Doar ca in loc sa profite de acest lucru si sa construiasca statiuni, prefera sa le umple de rahat. 🙂 Va invit sa vizionati un documentar dragut pe aceasta tema (atentie, imaginile de mai jos pot contine scene ce pot dauna grav sanatatii celor sensibili cu stomacul:

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